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Gray8 final for windows 8

Here is the final version of Gray8
There was only a few slight changes to the theme so
if you have the beta version there is really no need to update,you may not even notice!
Gray8 final for windows 8

To install this theme you first need to patch your system
to be able to use custom themes.
I use this patcher here
Once this is done
Copy the gr8 folder and the gr8.theme from inside the theme folder to
Windows\Resources\Themes.Then right click on your desktop and choose Personalize
select Gray 8 in your themes section.

Also included are a couple of modified system files
The timedate.cpl changes your clock to match the theme
And the shell32.dll withh allow the theme to change the side and top images in the Control Panel windows,it also changes some icons to black and white.

These files are for 64 bit systems only,and are to replace the ones in your System32 folder.

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